Brittany Nicole.
Atlanta, Georgia.

Avid reader and writer. Passionate violinist. Elephant lover. Television enthusiast. Constant daydreamer. Fan of spontaneity .

Be patient.
Respond to every call that excites your spirit.
Ignore those that make you fearful
and sad, that degrade you
back toward disease and death.



Steen: I'm about to get a new phone.

Me: I'm about to get a new bag of chips.

Dad came home for lunch and walked in to say hi. He noticed I was cleaning my room, blasting music, and sipping from a mason jar. He goes, “Whip out the vodka already?

I just nodded my head, he busted out laughing, and told me he brought me food. Best dad ever.

So I’m attempting to clear off and reorganize my bookshelf. I’m slowly realizing that my amount of knick-knacks and books won’t fit onto the same shelf, solely on account of my intricate book organization system.

I need another bookshelf, but have no more space in my room.

Challenge accepted.

When guys bury a hand in your hair, holding your head in place, tugging just a little too hard while kissing you. Mmmmm.

Coca Cola’s idea to feature names on bottles was such a great advertising move. Everyone is posting pictures onto various social media outlets. Don Draper would be proud.

I’ve been listening to Fall Out Boy all day, and I’m getting so excited for Wednesday’s show. It’s going to be such a great last hoorah for Seestah and I before she goes to college.

Also, I’ve been coincidentally listening to all of Paramore’s music the past week, so Mom surprising us today with tickets to this show was particularly awesome.

Last night was one of the best Braves games I’ve ever been too, although we lost. The silence during the pitches to Gattis at the end, combined with great company, made it one hell of a night.

Atlanta was beautiful yesterday. #latergram #weloveatl

Atlanta was beautiful yesterday. #latergram #weloveatl

Trying a new brew and having movie night with the ladies!

Trying a new brew and having movie night with the ladies!